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To understand what is coming: GTR SERIES 2


 As I flipped the hour glass, my time started.

Here's a summary of an hour and further condensed into what your now reading, an Insider into the GTR series 2.

Carving, digging your heels into those concaves on the Bamboo deck. Still the same AMAZING Bamboo look, honestly the best on the market when it comes to natural flex, shock absorption and just great general aesthetic. 

The motors, more efficient, takes more punishment (E-FOC ESC) and just so you know are the same motors as the Hadean... Yeah that right... it's like getting the Hadean for half price!

So what do you get, you ask? A new motor controller, upgraded motors, new remote which is the Phaze remote (cnc precision cut aluminium frame) same as you get with the Hadean

Now you can use your GTR series 2 more in-depth with the Evolve app, learn more, understand more and get the most out of your GTR!

More customisable, same E-FOC prism light strips you get on the Hadean. Just clip in and stick on. 

Build quality that should make all e-Skaters want to own not one, but 2 boards from Evolve 

More power, better performance, blast up hills, glide over trails and skid for days on grass.... shred shred shred!

Runs cooler, after 2 hours of riding up hill and on grass, just really riding.... then coming back to touch the motors and finding out they're barely warm. That's what you can expect.

As for cosmetics, it still comes with those great Evolve ceramic bearings and more options for gear setups.

Servicing the board is slightly easier as motor components are closer together thanks to a more durable enclosure design. 

Same battery, but way better management. The GTR series 2 has been tested for range and 50% battery gets you 17km with a payload of 70kgs (body weight). The series 1 for comparison used up 66%. So you could expect to get about 15% more life out the same battery. A test was done starting on GTR mode, and gave an impressive 34km range which was achieved with standard all terrain tyres.  

Better acceleration, faster performance with tests coming in at 44kph to 45kph!

Big upgrade from series one, quicker off the line, smoother, more responsive

Strong acceleration even at 25kph, pulls away from the series 1 and the gap just keeps on growing 

Braking is better, sharper and no lagging, when going fast down a hill the brakes are smooth with no twitching. 

Series 2 runs quieter when compared to the GTR series 1

The GTR series 2 is the board of the year!

From beginner to advanced riders, it's the perfect all rounder with the support of a great team when ever you need help (customer support).

Evolve always has your back, try them and see. 



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  • Al

    I’m going on 69 years old, I use to ski and skate, played hockey when I was young, but was intrigued when I saw a few older guys riding your skate board. Am I to ok’d to begin riding? And is the breaking smooth like the Hadean model.

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