The Stoke Board: The Dairy of A Noob pt. 2

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The Stoke Board: The Dairy of A Noob pt. 2

It's a rocket on wheels!

Small enough to carry around, fast enough to make it to your meetings on time. It now comes with a custom mode feature on the new Phaze remote. That means you can take it for an easy Sunday cruise without soiling your pants. 

Pointing out that it can be an adrenaline rush. I could definitely feel the power from the dual 1500W motors while whizzing through Kloof street and up pretty decent inclines of the Oranjezicht hills. As for suggestions, I recommend a solid pair of flat skate shoes to help with manoeuvrability and a more planted ride. It's easy to turn and a fun downhill carver.

Overall, it's size is great for travelling. The Stoke would be my go-to for everyday city adventures. Just pop on a helmet and off you go. Whether it be a quick trip to the shops, or a pit stop here and there.... 

I caught myself thinking, do I really need a car?


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